Daalcheeni is a boutique graphic design studio based in Delhi & Goa (India) that works closely with socially-responsible individuals, start-ups, and non-profit organisations. Our drive is honest, strategic and design processes-based with a goal to deliver visual branding solutions and products.
And our story is snappy:

In the past, every time we (Rupinder Kaur a.k.a Renée and my team) tossed love with design, a lovely, flavourful and spicy aroma wafted out of it. We instantly connected this fragrance to daalcheeni (cinnamon; a spice with a sweet and medicinal quality) that eons ago turned the ancient Malabar Coast and mammoth empires upside down. So, by 2012, its freshness remained stuck in our heads and we decided to float our firm named after it.

Small + Virtual

This two-word reality pushes us to work even when marooned on an island! It also gives us a freedom-juxtaposed-with-flexibility base that aids us in calling ourselves sustainable design artisans. Moreover, it helps us not to be ‘just another cookie-cutter’ graphic design business that usually saps some of its energy in paying overheads.

Client - Centric + Creative

Our doing away with tangible clutter makes us all-ears to client’s needs. We then adjust our team based on the requirements of the client’s project-expertise. Soon, we pump in efforts to liaison with craftsmen, artisans, calligraphers and young creative talent across the country, and rope in fresh-thinkers (from over borders if needed) to add character to the undertaken project.

Clear + Committed

Our underlying principles—lucidity, minimalism, commitment, time management and invoking tradition—stay constant. We put our hearts and souls into making a conscious effort to avoid repetition, formulaic responses and delay. This makes us find distinctive, bespoke (tailor-made) and earthy solutions for each project.

Content + craft

Our heart stops when we spot a typo or any form of visual fatigue because we know words and shapes—when suspended individually or bunched together with graphics—are powerful tools; so we juggle them carefully. We walk miles to perfect these elements to bring you a cohesive and skillful story.